What’s the difference between hiring a contractor and a handyman? Today I’ll discuss the pros and cons of each.


A handyman is someone who probably does their work as a side job and isn’t very good at the craft overall. One of the pros, however, of working with a handyman is that it will be easier to find someone who is available; they won’t likely be as booked up as a contractor might be. Further still, their services tend to be cheaper.

Now, a con of working with handymen is that they may lack experience or expertise in a particular area. For example, a friend of mine hired a handyman to do some electrical work at their house, but the person working ending up installing fixtures incorrectly and started a small fire. Handymen could possibly end up adding to the problems you’d hired them to fix. He did do a good job on the backsplash, but that hardly makes up for the fire.

Additionally, a handyman may not have the right insurance or bonding, so if they mess something up (as with the fire), they might not be able to back it up. When it comes to hiring one, keep in mind how crucial the task you’re paying them to perform is; it would be okay to have them help you cut some tiles or install a few minor things, but you should hire an expert to work with something more important (and potentially dangerous).

“In general, the price for a contractor is higher than a handyman.”

On the other hand, contractors are licensed, regulated, and insured experts who do their work full-time. In general, the price for a contractor is higher than a handyman. However, that’s not necessarily a guarantee that they’ll do a good job for you; do your research and find out more about their experience and quality of work before hiring.

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